About Us

We are not the only plastic manufacturer, but the only one you need.

Talent Plastics was founded in 1986, but some of the companies in the group are far older than that. Today, we are 6 manufacturing companies working with contract manufacturing and subsystems where thermoplastics are included. A strong group who are happy to take on a uniqe overall responsibility.

Your long-term partner through thick and thin.

We like customers with high-level requirements. We are active in a number of different industries with high demands on technical know-how, consistently high quality and of course also a high level of delivery reliability. It is a natural part for us to live up to the requirements, and we do so with straightforward quick messages and with a good spirit of service.

In all our manufacturing plants we have very skilled employees with genuine professional pride. You can be confident in our extensive experience in the industry and that we can offer you the right quality at a competitive price.

Resource-efficient manufacturing is close to our hearts. We are in order and strive for continuous improvement in all our processes and methods. We work actively to prevent pollution from our plastics production and we strive to use raw materials and energy as efficiently as possible. Our units are ISO-certified, both in terms of environment and quality, and the work environment is clean and of a high standard.


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Plastic is fantastic – for real!

When it comes to plastic and everything around it, we are the right partner for you. Our customers make sure that plastic saves lives, helps people to communicate and that our everyday life becomes both easier and more comfortable.

Plastic is everywhere in our society and contributes to development and technological breakthroughs. It is an extremely versatile material that can be provided with a number of different properties, depending on which function the part is to perform.


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