Processing of plastic

Processing of plastic

With more than forty years of experience, we promise that you will get a well-thought-out solution for both small and large projects. We adapt the finishing completely to the customer’s needs and the different requirements that are set.

Automated Machinery
We procure, develop and design our own full and semi-automatic machines for assembly, and produce equipment for our printing and embossing machines.

Our skills

Laser engraving / relief

Fast and efficient ability to perform laser engraving directly in the tool thanks to our mobile laser equipment. Examples of engravings that we can perform are date matrices (grids), logos, material designations, etc. that give a permanent marking in the plastic part. It is always in place, requires the least work, is the cheapest to make and is absolutely the most durable.

Laser marking

To be able to laser mark, you need to add an additive to the material which then appears when you laser the part. The injection molding process itself becomes a little more sensitive as the material (with the additive in) must not be left in the injection unit for too long, as there is a risk that the additive will burn and the outcome/result will not be so good. Otherwise, they are injection molded in the same way. We as injection molders thus add additives in the process, but the laser marking itself is usually done by the customer himself or by a third party. The marking should be placed on the hard plastic part (eg PC / ABS) and not on the softer part (eg TPE) as it burns easily and the result will be poor. You need to take this into account when choosing materials.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping in cells is also available at our production plants. It is a printing technique with a very good finish and abrasion resistance. This means that you print with the help of a color foil that is pressed against the plastic part with a heated cliché. Most colors are printable.

We have equipment for both ultrasonic welding and mirror welding.

Robot gluing
With our robot gluing, we can join advanced constructions with high precision.

Tampo printing

Tampon printing is another way of printing text, numbers and symbols in any color (often white) on plastic details. The method involves a silicone pad (tampon) picking up paint from a cup, pressing the paint through an etched metal tray (also called a cliché), and creating the pressure when it is lifted up. The cushion is flexible and shaped according to the object you want to press. This means that it is possible to press on, for example, round or curved objects.

Manual processing
Our factories in Estonia are specialists in manual processing at the right cost.