Injection molding of plastic

Optimized and accurate production.

Some of our plastic parts can only be gripped with tweezers. Others require two strong arms.

In our machinery, we can produce products that are barely visible, from 1 gram, up to products that weigh several kilos. They differ markedly, but what we have in common is our accuracy and our precision.

We ensure that the quality always meets the customer’s requirements with the help of qualified measuring equipment and long technical experience. We have a total of 139 injection molding machines, from 25 tons up to 1000 tons, which means that we have great opportunities to manufacture exactly the end product you want.

We also have machines for injection molding of hybrid articles to be able to manufacture parts with two or three materials connected together, such as hard and soft materials for comfort grips or seals, the method is usually called 2K and 3K (double- and multi injection).

We develop molds and equipment in close collaboration with established moldmakers – both Swedish and international. We offer design and manufacture of molds with the highest quality to the right price.

Each production plant at Talent Plastics has its own qualified mold/tool department for repair, service and modification of existing tools. If necessary, these work together to achieve the best possible results.